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A Visionary Spirit

A Visionary Spirit

FORMing Excellence in Image Wear

From our origins as a small family operation founded 35 years ago, FORM has become one of the premier uniform designers and manufacturers in the Middle East and a recognized purveyor of excellence. Our background in bespoke and couture fashion, as well as our commitment to quality craftsmanship, signature custom designs and outstanding customer care, has led us to become a major supplier of many of the region’s 5-star hotels, in addition to numerous preeminent restaurants, schools and creative design projects across the MENA region.


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Artisanal Craftsmanship & Quality

Artisanal Craftsmanship & Quality

At the heart of FORM, we are uniform artisans. Each garment and accessory is handled with meticulous care and consideration. FORM’s legacy of innovative tradition and corporate couture is built upon our emphasis in perfecting unique solutions for each of our clients’ individual needs.

FORM partners with renowned workwear fabric suppliers, so that all garments can withstand industrial washing and care. We incorporate innovative textiles that make our uniforms as comfortable as they are durable, meeting each industry’s specific standards of quality and functionality.

Our integrity and care for partners and clients is of the utmost importance to us, whether it is through highly anticipated bespoke collaborations, adherence to punctual and thorough project delivery, or provision of dedicated after sales support. We view each client as a partner in the uniform creation process, giving them the respect such esteemed partnership deserves.

FORM’s spirit of contemporary elegance can be found in each client’s collection, helping form an image that leaves an indelible impression of excellence.

You are invited to explore our collections of corporate couture. Collections that answer the call for global luxury with sophisticated designs, superior textiles and manufacturing details.